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The impact of the Association of C5 Youth Program is unmistakable in the transformative journeys of countless young individuals across the nation. By offering these young men and women the chance to realize their full potential, we are leveling the playing field by providing equal access to education and opportunities for all.

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Helping our C5 Leaders become a first-generation scholar can transform not only their life but also the trajectory of their family's future, creating a ripple effect of opportunity and success.

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C5 Grad

30,000+ HOURS

We are proud that every C5 Leader in our program engages in community service each year. Collectively, they contribute over 30,000 hours of public service across the country. Whether it's cleaning up neighborhood parks, organizing clothing drives, planting trees, or more, our C5 Leaders are deeply committed to their communities and always eager to make a difference.

C5 Community Service
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100% Graduate from high school on time

Youth from under-resourced communities often face significant barriers and challenges graduating from high school, yet 100% of our C5 Leaders successfully graduate on time.

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Over 95% of our C5 Leaders from our four sites pursue college, as well as a few choose to enlist in the military to serve our country. By placing a strong emphasis on college access and campus exploration, our program helps C5 Leaders see that post-secondary education is within reach.  The C5 program prepares them to set goals, overcome challenges and know they are capable of accomplishing their dreams.

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C5 College Student
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4000+ Alumni

Since the inception of C5, more than 4,000 men and women have graduated from our five-year program around the country.   This number is expanding every year providing a greater network of connections on a national level as our C5 Alumni continued to stay connected in various ways beyond graduation.

C5 Alumni 2
C5 Alumni

"C5 has given me experiences I can never forget, and it helped me grow as a person. They help me prepare for my academic success as well as my future. C5 has really taught me to get out of my comfort zone and I’ve been able to do things I never thought I could do before." -Michelle, Class of 2024