National Sponsor


Our thanks to Ardagh Metal Packaging for your unwavering commitment as a National Sponsor of The Association of C5 Youth Programs. Your support has been instrumental in providing our emerging leaders with unparalleled opportunities to participate in transformative experiences, such as the trek during their Hammer year with our partner, the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

 This NOLS C5 Bridges Leadership Expedition is designed to expose teens to new environments which require them to employ the skills they have learned from the first two years in our program and to begin planning for their future. During this transformative 7-day backcountry trek, participants spend time exploring their personal mission, learn about resilience and set goals to identify the steps they need to take to achieve their mission. The Bridges program is meant to be just that, a bridge from their middle school years to their high school career. Bridges creates a chance for our leaders to experience life outside of their immediate community, to overcome real life obstacles and develop the critical life skills necessary to navigate difficult tasks that they will inevitably face as they pursue college and future careers. Participants come face to face with their own personal challenges, discover the strength which lies within them and their group to overcome any situation they encounter.

Your dedication to empowering our C5 Leaders and investing in their growth is nothing short of inspiring.

We extend a heartfelt appreciation to our valued partner, the National Outdoor Leadership School, for your steadfast support of our C5 Leaders year after year.  This partnership with provides a unique opportunity to almost 200 C5 Leaders/staff annually as they partake in the C5 Bridges Leadership Expedition.  With most of our leaders coming from inner cities, this trek connects them to the outdoors in a way they never imagined.

Through this experience, our leaders are pushed beyond their comfort zones in ways they've never encountered before. Your expert guidance equips them with essential skills in navigation, survival, and adaptability, empowering them to thrive in the backcountry. This newfound confidence not only enhances their trek experience but also prepares them to tackle any challenge life may present upon their return. Thanks to NOLS commitment to our program in helping to provide our C5 Leaders with transformative experiences during their treks.