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Are you ready for the MOST rewarding, challenging and fun experience of your life?
Then, C5 Texas is the place for you!

What is C5?

We help inspire high-potential youth from risk-filled environments to pursue personal success, to prepare them for college, work and life, and to motivate them to become role models for others in their communities.  We want them to be: 
Character-driven, Community-focused, Challenge-ready, College-bound and Committed to a better future.

What makes being a C5 Texas camp counselor unique from any other camp counselor position?

"We get to help the campers grow in several different aspects of their lives; as we, the counselors also grow.  We not only help the campers grow into amazing leaders, but we also get the opportunity to nurture their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life."
- Toya Glen: C5 Counselor, Team Leader

"Because it is a five-year program, and you continue to see the teens each year, the relationships are stronger between camper and counselor."
- Rudy Pecina: C5 counselor

"As a C5 counselor, you are given the opportunity to work with teens and help them meet and exceed expectations and go beyond to accomplish their goals."
- Andrew Head: C5 counselor,Trek Coordinator

 "As a counselor and camper, the challenge is mutual.  The growth is mutual.  The success is mutual.  The life-changing experience...priceless."
- Susie Ventura: C5 Counselor, Program Coordinator

Why should you apply for a Summer Staff position?

It will be the summer experience of a lifetime.  You'll witness a growth and progression in the teens you motivate and help them to explore leadership in a group environment.  Most importantly, you will help youth evaluate these experiences and set goals for success.  C5 staff model leadership on a daily basis.

The C5 Youth Foundation of Texas creates a safe environment that challenges both staff and youth to step out of their comfort zones.  Through a variety of experiences from camp to college campus' to outdoor adventure to volunteering in the community, C5 Texas staff guide youth as they explore individual leadership styles and their options for the future.

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