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Coca-Cola Scholars Team Up with C5 as College Advisors
May 14, 2012

C5 is proud to have a strong relationship with Coca-Cola Scholars, a premier college scholarship program supported by The Coca-Cola Company and its Bottlers. College students who have received this prestigious scholarship and who are now part of the “Scholars family” have supported C5 by working with our teens at summer camp, on college tours and community service projects. Recently a number of Scholar’s participated in the college advising program with C5 juniors and seniors, offering them sound advice as they consider the education and life choices in front of them. Connecting C5 students with these near-peers has proven to be very valuable for our college-bound teens.

Read below about one of the many relationships created through this program.


This year I was matched with Carlos Wood in the C5 Mentorship program. Not to brag but I definitely have the best mentee and sometimes I think he mentors me. We have grown to be really good friends and he definitely is someone I look up too. When I first talked to Carlos on the phone we connected instantly. We had so many common interests it was crazy. We keep in contact through text, Facebook, and phone calls every other day if not every day. Carlos lets me know everything that is going on in his life and I was excited for him when I heard that he accomplished something he has been working on.

How we got to meet is an interesting story. Carlos called me one day stressed, saying that he wanted to earn the lead role in the musical "Ragtime" and play the character of Coalhouse Walker Jr. but he believed he wasn’t going to make it. I encouraged him and also made a promise, that if he tried out and made the lead role I would travel down to Atlanta to see him in his production.  Carlos called me on his audition day letting me know how he did and I encouraged him throughout the whole process. I told him to call me immediately no matter the time to let me know if he got the part. At 6:30 a.m. my phone rings and an excited Carlos is saying he got the part - with me replying I will definitely be there to see you!  I planned that weekend to go and this past April I visited Carlos and saw him perform. He delivered a stellar performance that was flawless. We have already made plans to hang out this summer! I’m very proud of him and I look forward to seeing all he will do in the future.

Glenn Means, Coca-Cola Scholar

Student Body President

Board of Regent Member

Morehead State University